New Partnership with Alphaspeed Tuning

BTR has always been known for our ECU tuning solutions for the Korean car platforms. Breaching the first ever 700+ whp barrier with the Genesis Coupe in 2014 then breaking the 500 hp barrier in the 2015 with the Veloster Turbo, we have paved ways for the KDM community when most Japanese Import parts manufacturers and Media outlets outcasted the Hyundai, Kia Brand.

With BTR bringing tuning solutions from from Korea directly, we were able to bring light to the KDM platform and forced our way into magazines such as Super Street and Pasmag with our over the top SEMA builds.

As of April this year, our contract with our tuner had officially come to an end and we temporarily stopped all tuning sales and support. We went through some internal changes and now we are announcing our new partnership with Alphaspeed Tuning.

The Head Tuner of Alphaspeed is Nolman and he has been in the ECU tuning world for AGES~~~!!! He has recently been receiving high praises for his accomplishments in the KDM community for the Genesis Coupe Tuning but he has done more cars than just the KDM brands.

With Remote Tuning Solutions and Bench Flashing Solutions combined, BTR and Alphaspeed partnership will help propel the KDM community even further.

Visit our shop site to see your options for the KDM solutions.

We also offer ECU tuning solutions through Alphaspeed such as FRS, BRZ, BMW N54, N55, S55, B58, etc. Mini, NIssan, Toyota, Lexus and much much more so inquire with our team if you need to have your vehicle tuned no matter what it is!

Alphaspeed also is very comfortable with performing remote dyno tunes with standalone ECU's so that opens up a lot of doors for our local community of Car Enthusiasts that are looking to do some crazy builds!