2014 SEMA Show BTR Edition Genesis Coupe build story

SEMA show is one of the world's biggest Automotive Aftermarket Trade Shows. Each year the SEMA show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with attendees of over 140,000 and rising each year.

Many aftermarket manufacturers and distributors line the convention center with their newest products and many aftermarket retailers and media outlets walk the halls searching for the next best thing and the next trend setting item for the Automotive Aftermarket Scene.

Within the midst of all this, there are so many beautifully built machines scattered throughout the whole convention center. Many booths bring out crazy wild cars to draw the crowd to their booths and there are some wild cars you won't see at your local car shows.

Amongst the big and small booths there are a few Automobile Manufacturers that also show up with a booth of their own. Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, etc. come and display their vehicles out fitted with aftermarket parts to appeal to the other companies there to build more parts for their vehicles and also to the general public who are eager to see what the next big car is for the aftermarket automotive scene. A lot of times these vehicles for the manufactures are built in house by their own team but a few companies work with companies like us (BTR) to design and create something unique. The plus side to working with companies like BTR is that we are always in tune with what the general public wants, we know the trends and we know what is next better than the auto manufacturers who's main focus is OEM production.

So for 2014 SEMA show Hyundai Motor Company gave us a 2014 Genesis Coupe to design and build. So we took on the task and decided to go all out on all aspects of the build. We definitely over did ourselves and went WAY over budget on this build.

Our Director Sam was introduced to Mr. Kei Miura from Rocket Bunny the year before and the meeting couldn't have come at a more perfect time. At the time of the first meeting, they discussed shortly about the Genesis Coupe Market and how it needed a Rocket Bunny kit. This small seed planted during the meeting later blossomed when the SEMA project was given to BTR by Hyundai. Sam spent countless nights messaging back and forth with Mr Kei Miura to get the kit made for the vehicle and had to jump through a lot of legal hurdles as Mr Kei Miura was already developing a Kit for LEXUS to debut at the SEMA show and wasn't allow to debut any other kits under the Rocket Bunny name at the SEMA show according to contractual obligations. This is the basic back story on why the kit was released under the name "REMAKE" instead of Rocket Bunny.

The vehicle was delivered to BTR in 2014 with about 8 weeks to build the whole vehicle. At the time, BTR actually was actually in middle of a move from a small office space to a new shop location. Definitely another hurdle we had to get over to get the project completed. With the initial design and planning completed, we contracted out a local shop to complete the fabrications needed, a body shop to do the body work and paint involved, a machine shop to complete our Engine Build. After countless nights of delayed deadlines and the car was finally assembled and ready to be dyno tuned the very night before it had to be shipped out to Hyundai. Everything was down to the wire on the build and many parts of the assembly done by other shops were subpar and needed redoing in many parts. For example, during the dyno tuning session, the oil dipstick holder flew out as the shop didn't bolt it in and just stuck it in place. The angel eyes were never wired right to turn on and off properly. The fuel lines were made with non-PTFE lines and made the inside of the vehicle reek for fuel smell. There was no check valve installed for the brake booster, etc. These are just a few things that scratches the surface of the issues we had during this build as we were not in the best place to do the build ourselves. But with all the issues fixed while on the dyno (minus the fuel lines, we fixed this after the SEMA show) we were able to make the deadline as we installed the brake booster check valve while the Transport Truck pulled into our shop parking lot to pick up the vehicle.

With all of us passed out for days after the car was shipped out. The vehicle made it out to California to Hyundai. After a couple weeks Hyundai brought it out to Las Vegas to show it off at the 2014 SEMA show. When the covers were pulled off the cars, Our BTR Edition Genesis Coupe attracted a huge crowd of Media Personnel and the amount of feedback we received was overwhelmingly great. It made all those stressful nights of working with incompetent shops and people all worth it.

Superstreet Magazine showed our car under their issue that was showing "best of SEMA" and then later did a full feature of the vehicle separately as well. The vehicle also put the Genesis Coupe platform on the map for many different manufacturers and obviously brought out the first real Rocket Bunny (remake) to the market for the first ever KDM vehicle. This started a trend of widebody kits for the Genesis Coupes in the coming years and now there are so many kits on the market for the Genesis Coupe owner to choose from. We also put down 700 wheel horsepower out of the 4cyl Hyundai Engine and took the world by surprised when we revealed that it was all done using the OEM ECU tuned by our master tuner from Korea. This was the first time ever such high numbers were proven on the KDM platform and a simple search of BTR Genesis coupe will reveal 100's of articles covering this sensational vehicle.

Here is the list of modification we did on the BTR Edition Genesis Coupe for the 2014 SEMA Show. (we will later cover what we changed in our v2 of the build)

Engine modifications:

  • Brian Crower BC625+ Forged Connecting Rods

  • CP Pistons 8.5:1 Compression 90mm Bore Forged Pistons (2.2ltr)

  • Darton International Cylinder Sleeves

  • Cosworth 90mm Bore Race Head Gasket

  • Brian Crower Oversized Stainless Steel Valves

  • Brian Crower Valve Guides

  • Tomei Powered Valve Springs

  • GSC Stage 2 Cams

  • ARP Head Studs

  • ARP Main Studs

  • ARP Flywheel Bolts

  • ARP Cam Tower Studs

  • BTR Custom Intake Manifold

  • Clevite coated Bearings

  • Upgraded Engine Mounts

  • BTR Custom ECU Tuning utilizing the OEM Hyundai ECU

Turbo Kit:

  • Intensepower T4 Twinscroll Top Mount Turbo Manifold

  • Precision Turbo 6266 Ball Bearing Twin Scroll Version 2 Turbo

  • Precision Turbo PW46 External Wastegates

  • GFB G-force II Electronic Boost Controller

  • Custom Down Pipe

  • Modified MXP Dual Exhaust System

  • Custom Precision Turbo Intercooler System

  • Custom Oil Cooler System

  • Custom Fuel Return System

  • Custom Fuel Rail

  • Custom External Dual Pump Fuel Setup

  • Upgraded Injectors

Nitrous Kit:

  • Nitrous Express Direct Port Nitrous System

  • Nitrous Express Purge Kit

  • Nitrous Express Bottle Heater

  • Nitrous Express Bottle Blanket

  • Nitrous Express Billet Bottle Bracket

Drivetrain Modifications:

  • Competition Clutch Upgraded Clutch Kit

  • Competition Clutch Flywheel Kit

  • Enthuspec Stainless Steel Clutch Line

  • Tomei Powered Trax Advance 2 way LSD

  • Upgraded Driveshaft

  • Upgraded Axels

  • Short Throw Shifter

  • Shifter Bushings

  • Upgraded Transmission Mount

Chassis and Suspension Modifications:

  • Stance Suspension Coilover System

  • Stance Suspension Cup Kit

  • Whiteline Sway Bars

  • Strut Tower Braces and Body Braces

  • Enthuspec Adjustable Sway Bar End Links

  • Enthuspec Rigid Subframe Collar Kit

  • Wilwood Performance Brake Kit

  • Toyo R888 Tires

  • 19-in. WORK Wheels CR 2 Piece Wheels

Interior Modifications:

  • Sabelt GT-200 Carbon / Fiberglass shell Racing Seats

  • Sablet Sliders

  • Sabelt Racing Harnesses

  • Sabelt SW-390 Racing Steering Wheel

  • Planted Seat Brackets

  • Tanabe OLED Revel Gauges

  • Cusco Roll Cage

  • BTR Custom Rear Seat Delete

Exterior Modifications:

  • Custom Wide Body Kit Designed by Kei Miura

  • Custom Wide Body Front Fenders

  • Custom Wide Body Rear Fenders

  • Custom Front Bumper Lip Spoiler

  • Custom Rear Diffuser

  • Custom GT Wing

  • Custom Candy Red Paint